Salongen – Nettidsskrift for filosofi og idéhistorie is an independent online journal of philosophy and the history of ideas. We publish articles, book reviews, research news and translations of classic texts to Norwegian. In addition, Salongen is an arena for current debates. The journal is run by an independent board of editors and cooporates with several other journals in Norway. The aim is for Salongen to be Norway’s most important meeting place for academic philosophers and historians of ideas, as well as for anyone with a general interest in these fields. We also reach out to the other Scandinavian countries and occasionally publish texts written in Danish and Swedish.

Salongen is supported by Arts Council Norway.


Board of editors

Hannah Winther (editor-in-chief)
Eilif Guldvog Hartvedt (editor-in-chief)
Solveig Nygaard Selseth
Feroz Mehmood Shah
Maria Seim
Eilif Guldvog Hartvedt
Henrik Wathne
Anna Marlene Karlsson
Audun Syltevik